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There are all kinds of casino bonuses, which differ in terms of their percentage and maximum amount. For online casinos, this is a fantastic tool with which to draw people in, because who can resist the lure of free money? That is exactly what these bonuses are designed to do, because the online casino is out to bring in as many players as possible. As soon as a new player signs up, they will encounter the generosity of the casino and receive an irresistible offer for a welcome bonus. On top of that, a casino may offer an additional bonus just for signing up, e.g. free credit or free spins.

No deposit

No-deposit bonuses can be awarded to new players who do not yet have their own account. The online casino wants to give new players a way to play its games without any further obligation. It therefore awards no-deposit bonuses in the form of a sum of money or a number of free spins. These are not huge sums, mind you; you might, for example, receive 10 euro of free credit or 10 free spins.

No-deposit bonuses are also occasionally awarded to players who have been a member of an online casino for a long time. It is common to award free spins whenever a casino introduces a new kind of slot machine.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a promotion that awards players with free credit or free spins once they deposit money into their player account. The welcome bonus is an example of this type of bonus, because it is not awarded until after your first deposit. There are all kinds of casino bonuses an online casino can offer to bring in new players and retain existing members.

Advantages for the players

As a player, it is always good to receive free money or free spins, because you can use these to make a profit. This profit will be paid out once the bonus conditions have been met. The bonus conditions are not really to the player’s benefit, but they are a necessity nonetheless. These conditions are there to prevent the large-scale abuse of the bonuses awarded by online casinos.

These bonus conditions might require you to bet the bonus amount and possibly the profit you earned within a certain time frame. Casinos generally give players plenty of time, e.g. ninety days, to earn their casino bonuses. In some cases, stricter bonus conditions may apply, although that differs from one casino to the next. In any case, players can take advantage of the generosity of online casinos.

Both parties stand to gain from this deal, making it a win-win situation. The player gets to play in the online casino with free money and has a chance to earn a profit, while the online casino gets a new member or receives more money from the deposits made by existing players. It is up to each individual player to decide whether or not to take advantage of these casino bonuses, although it is definitely recommended to do so if you have not done so before.