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10% cash-back promotion

The primary goal of visiting an online casino is to win money. Everyone knows that it is not a given that you will win anything when you gamble and that there is a chance that you will lose money instead. The fact that you might win or lose real money makes gambling so irresistible to many people. Casino Winner knows that the player takes a risk whenever they place a bet. It has therefore introduced a special promotion. During this time, the risk of losing money is limited by the opportunity to take part in a cash-back promotion. If a player does lose money, it will at least be a smaller amount, because part of their losses is returned to them via the cash-back promotion.

Kroon cash-back

10 percent cash-back

If you want to take advantage of the 10-percent cash-back promotion, you have to be quick. The promotion will end later today. Anyone who plays in the online casino before midnight will be eligible for the 10 percent cash-back promotion. It is recommended to keep the game conditions in mind, because some casino games are not included in this promotion. To make everything as easy as possible for all players, Casino Winner has selected a number of slot machines that are included in this offer.

This offer ensures that even losers can feel like winners today. Some of their losses are returned to them when they play on one of the selected slot machines. For this offer, Casino Winner has selected five slot machines that anyone can play on as much as they want. You can play on all five slot machines or choose one that you like best. This special promotion is available on the Mega Fortune Dreams, Gonzo’s Quest, Hall of Gods, Starburst and Glow slot machines.

Players who prefer the Mega Fortune Dreams or the Hall of Gods will also have a chance to win one of the jackpots. That would be even better than being eligible for the cash-back promotion, which requires a player to lose money first. Playing on a slot machine with a jackpot is even more exciting, especially when you know that the jackpot contains millions of euros that have to be paid out at some point. If a player does not win the jackpot and if they are not fortunate enough to win in some other way, they can at least take comfort in the knowledge that they will be compensated for some of their losses.

The maximum amount that a player can receive by taking part in Casino Winner’s cash-back promotion is 100 euro. This sum is intended to compensate the player’s net losses incurred during this special Casino Winner promotion.