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Join the Rio Carnival Mission in Casino Winner and win a trip to Rio de Janeiro for two people. This mission is the icing on the cake of the two previous missions in the online casino with which other prizes could be won. The Lantern Festival is now over and so is the Venice Carnival Mission. There is still a mission left and with that the real prize can be won. Who will be traveling to carnivalcity in the future? That is in any case someone who participates in the mission and not someone who does not participate. So take your chance and go all out to get that one main prize. Do you do your best, but can not it end up in first place? Then there are many other prizes, because the prize pool for this mission contains 35,000 euros.

Assignments for Rio Carnival Mission

It is of course useful to know what the Rio Carnival Mission exactly means if you want to participate. It actually very simple. There are three slot machines to which an assignment is linked. Casino Winner has selected Vikings Go Wild, Spina Colada and Vikings Go To Hell for this. At the Vikings Go Wild slot machine, the aim is to score 30 free spin symbols. The minimum bet to play and participate is set at 0.25 euros per spin. That also applies to the other two slot machines of this Rio Carnival Mission promotion.

If you have scored 30 free spin symbols, it is time to complete the next assignment. That is the collection of 3 feature icons on the slot machine Spina Colada. It is of course trustly if you manage to get it done as quickly as possible. Do you take a little longer? That is unfortunate, because the number of spins to fulfill the mission is of great importance. After completing the first two assignments, there is a final challenge. This assignment means that you must collect 100 free spin symbols on the Vikings Go To Hell slot machine. That is a bigger challenge, but that must certainly work.

Who will win the trip to Rio de Janeiro?

It is important to fulfill all assignments in as few spins as possible. Casino Winner will look at that to determine your place in the ranking. You also see the scores of other players in the rankings. Are there two or more players who have needed the same number of rounds? In that case, it counts that the player wins the first to complete the three Rio Carnival Missions. Every 60 seconds there is a refresh of the ranking. The main prize is a trip, but there are also big cash prizes to be won. For example, a price of 6,000 euros, 3,000 euros and 2,500 euros. The total number of prizes is even greater. In total there are three hundred prizes available for the best participants.

There is a Mystery Cash Drop promotion in progress at Casino Winner with a chance to win prizes. The prizes all consist of cash prizes, so no round-playing conditions apply. That makes it extra interesting to take part in this promotion. There is still a chance for a few days. On 17 February this fun action ends with a top prize of 1,000 euros. A number of special slots have been selected for the Mystery Cash Drop promotion. The intention is to play on it to compete for one of the many prizes. In addition to the main prize, which is also distributed twice, there are many more cash prizes for the participants.

Mystery Cash Drop slot machines

The slots chosen for the Mystery Cash Drop promotion each have a different theme. So it is possible to play on Fire Joker. Or on Gemix and Book of Dead. There are already three to bet on first. In addition, it is also possible to use money on Mystery Joker or gamble at Wild Falls. You do not have to sign up specifically for this promotion to compete for the prizes. By playing on one of the mentioned slot machines there is automatic participation in the Mystery Cash Drop promotion. It is also interesting that everyone has an equal chance.

The cash drop prices come into view at random moments. That is why the action is also called Mystery Cash Drop. So if you are gambling on for example Gemix it can be that you are in the prizes. Or not. Are you gambling for a while and nothing happens? Maybe it would be wise to try it on one of the other slot machines. During every turn, there is a chance that there will be a prize. The Mystery prizes are incidentally only if you play for at least 0.20 on one of the mentioned slots.


2 x a cash prize of 1,000 euros

Casino Winner issues a cash prize of no less than 1,000 euros twice. That is more than enough reason to gamble on one of the slot machines. Even if you do not immediately win the main prize, there are opportunities for other prizes. Casino Winner has a total of 45 prizes available for the participating players. For example, there are twenty-five prizes of 20 euros that just fall from the sky. In addition, there are twenty prices of 50 euros that appear at any given time. That is not all, because there will also be three times 500 euros. The cash drop takes place entirely randomly, as said. If you do not see a cash drop price while playing, then there is still a chance of winning. You are of course gambling on a slot machine. That means you always have a chance at Casino Winner to win money. The cashdrop action is fun because you have an extra chance.



There is a Mystery Prize Drop promotion available at Casino Winner. This promotion means that everyone can win prizes at any time. It is then the intention to play slots on the selected Mystery Prize Drop. Only then is it possible to win one of the prizes. Special prizes are available in addition to the cash prizes that are awarded. The special prizes consist of particularly nice gadgets that always come in handy. The campaign only runs for a few days and it is therefore the intention to be there quickly. This offers the most chances to win prizes during the drop promotion.

Mystery Prize Drop slot machines

For this special promotion, three slot machines have been selected for gambling. Free play is of course excluded for participation in the promotion. So you have to use your own money. If you do not have any money on the balance, you first make a deposit. Incidentally, the conditions for participation are not strict and everyone can invest money at their own discretion. If the bet is at least only 0.20 euro per spin on one of the selected slot machines. That is sufficient for participation, but if you like to gamble with a little more money, that is also allowed. Every spin of 0.20 euros or more offers the opportunity to grab a prize at any time. The Mystery Prize Drop action is played on Mystery Joker, Gemix and Book of Dead. You have the choice to only gamble on Gemix or to always bet money on Book of Dead or on Mystery Joker. It is also allowed to alternate with gambling on one of these three fun slot machines. Then of course it is still nice to know what prices are then distributed. If you participate, you also want to know what can be won.

What can you win?

At different times, different types of prizes are awarded. This gives you the opportunity to win a Google Chromecast Ultra – 4K Media Streamer. There are ten of them in the game, so there are ten players who win this prize. You also have the chance to win a Polar M400 HR Sport Watch with a heart beat sensor. This price also goes out ten times in total. This also applies to the next price. That is a Bose SoundSport Wirelss Ear Plugs set. Do you prefer to fall into cash prizes? They are also there and fall just like the gadget prices at an arbitrary moment. In total, six prizes will be awarded out of 1,000 euros. These are cash prizes and if you win, you can immediately have the amount paid by submitting a payment request to Casino Winner. Good luck with your participation in this fun Mystery Prize Drop promotion. You just fall into the prizes at an unguarded moment when you are gambling.

It will be a great month with the Super September promotion at Casino Winner. It is an action where players are expected to bet on gambling in certain slots. Cash can be won with this fun promotion and there is a chance of winning free spins. Whether it’s free spins, a cash prize or nothing depends on the lot. It is with this Super September promotion namely the lot that will determine who the winners will be. In any case, it is clear that several winners will come from if the total prize pool is looked at. With regard to cash prizes, 7,500 euros can already be distributed and the free spins are added.

What should you do?

Would you like to participate in the Super September promotion at Casino Winner? Then all you have to do is gamble for money and do so with at least 50 euros. That is not all, because only a certain number of selected slot machines are linked to this promotion. This means that you can choose from five slots and have to pay at least 50 euros to ensure your participation in this promotion. There are five completely different types of slot machines that can be played. For example Koi Princess, which is very different in terms of theme compared to, for example, Victorious. For example, Dazzle Me is different from gambling than Berryburst and gambling on Blood Suckers guarantees the necessary tension. These are the slots you can choose to take part in the Super September promotion at Casino Winner. Play here for 50 euros and you will receive a ticket for the super draw. You might find 1 lot too little to stand a chance at one of the cash prizes or free spins. In that case it is just possible to receive as much as possible up to and including the end of the promotion, but a maximum of 50 lots per day. After the Super September promotion the prize draw will be held and you may be one of the winners of a prize.

Cash prizes and free spins

It is definitely worth taking part in the Super September with regard to the main prize and also the other cash prizes and free spins. The main prize that will be awarded is no less than 2,500 euros. That is a nice amount that you can put in your pocket just because there are no round playing conditions attached. Even the second prize and also the third and fourth prize are fun to win with amounts like 1,500 euro, 1,000 euro and 700 euro. In this way, six prizes are also awarded each of 300 euros. Then there are six hundred packages with free spins that are being raffled. Each package with free spins contains a total of 25 and the special thing is that the value of each spin is 1 euro.

Hall of Gods is ongetwijfeld een van de meest populaire gokkasten in het online casino van Casino Winner. Er wordt steeds meer mobiel gespeeld en veel spelers willen dat natuurlijk ook op de meest populaire gokkasten kunnen doen. Vanaf nu is er weer een spel voor mobiel gokken geschikt gemaakt en dat is Hall of Gods mobile. Casino Winner wil deze lancering graag met de spelers vieren en er natuurlijk bekendheid aan geven dat het mogelijk is om mobiel te gokken op deze jackpotgokkast. Om die reden is er dan ook sprake van een promotie die in het teken van de lancering staat.

10 free spins voor Hall of Gods

De lancering wordt vandaag gevierd met het uitdelen van free spins. Iedere speler die in elk geval een keer geld gestort heeft in de afgelopen negentig dagen kan van dit aanbod gebruikmaken. Er worden 10 free spins uitgedeeld op Hall of Gods mobile en die kun je claimen door via je mobiele toestel het spel te openen. Het aanbod is van toepassing op alle mobiele toestellen. Het is dus evengoed mogelijk om via je tablet gratis mobiel te gokken als via je smartphone. Bij het openen van de gokkast op je mobiele toestel zie je free spins meteen verschijnen.

In enkele gevallen komt het voor dat de gratis spins niet meteen te zien zijn. Als je er wel recht op hebt, wordt aangeraden om eventjes uit te loggen. Na het opnieuw inloggen op je account komen de free spins als het goed is wel tevoorschijn. Dan kun je meteen aan de slag en ontdekken of je ook een leuke winst kan behalen met het gokken op Hall of Gods mobile. Als je winst maakt, is er wel wat om rekening mee te houden. Dat zijn namelijk de inzetvoorwaarden die dan van toepassing worden.


De free spins bonus is gebonden aan inzetvoorwaarden. Het meest belangrijke van de voorwaarden is dat je de free spins bonus vijftien keer moet inzetten. Daar krijg je ruimschoots de gelegenheid voor, want er wordt dertig dagen de tijd voor geboden om de free spins bonus vijftien keer in te zetten. Winsten die met de gratis spins gemaakt worden, krijgen het stempel van bonusgeld. De voorwaarden staan uiteraard uitgebreid beschreven onder de actie die wordt aangeboden.

De voortgang van het vrijspelen van het geld is in te zien onder je eigen account bij de actieve bonussen. Het vrijspelen van het geld kan op alle gokkasten, games, video poker, roulette en blackjack met uitzondering van alle andere tafelspellen en de live casinogames. Overigens is het zo dat als je nog geld op je spelersaccount hebt er eerst met het bonusgeld gespeeld wordt. Profiteer in ieder geval vandaag van het leuke aanbod om mobiel te gokken op deze spannende gokkast waar je ook een jackpot op kunt winnen. Wist je dat de grootste jackpot miljoen waard kan worden? Die kun je ook gewoon winnen door mobiel te gokken in Casino Winner op je tablet of smartphone.

Players who are monitoring the arrival of new slot machines from Netent have probably already benefited from multiple offers on the day of launch. The online casinos that have included the new slot machine Neon Staxx, almost all have a nice action associated with the launch. Most actions are valid for only one day. But that does not apply to the promotion of Casino Winner. In this online casino players also get a nice surprise a day after the arrival of the new Netent game. Until midnight, anyone eligible can play free spins at Neon Staxx.

Neon Staxx netent

10 free spins

The offer of free spins for the new Netent slot machine is not for everyone, but for you if you are one of the players that has deposited at least one time in the last 30 days on the player account in Casino Winner. If you are one of those players and you have not yet made use of the offer on the day of launch, you can still qualify for this on 25 June.

You do not have to do anything more than log in and open the game to see if 10 free spins for the new slot machine Neon Staxx are waiting for you. For that matter, Casino Winner indicates that if the free spins are not immediately visible after logging in you will have to log in again to see the free spins. When you have opened the game, a pop-up is shown and you can see that the free spins are activated.

25 free spins

With the promotion program, Casino Winner distinguishes between players who occasionally come to gamble and players who regularly play with high stakes. The last group with players can obtain a VIP status in Casino Winner and there are many advantages to it. One of the advantages is that extra benefits can always be gained when handing out a bonus or when handing out free spins. That is now the case again. Because instead of 10 free spins for the Neon Staxx slot machine, you as a VIP player can get a total of 25 free spins to gamble with.

The free spins bonus must be played a total of 15 times within 30 days to make the money from you. If you do not do this within thirty days, the bonus will automatically expire. The profit of the free spins remains bonus money. You can check the progress of the wagering requirements yourself via your own account by going to active bonuses.

If you have not played in Casino Winner before, but it seems a bit like that, then you have the opportunity to sign up for free. Incidentally, it is possible without registration to gamble for free on the new slot machine Neon Staxx. Realize then that the gained profit is virtual and the money is not yours.

You can of course find the highest registration bonus for the Casino Winner, because via this website you can register directly as a player and qualify for the highest registration bonus. There is also a difference between the registration bonus and the welcome bonus. A sign-up bonus only requires your registration, which you do not have to deposit yet. You will receive the bonus as a welcome gift after you have transferred money to your player account at Casino Winner for the first time. That means that you as a player can immediately benefit twice from the generosity of this casino.

Highest sign-up bonus

The highest registration bonus that only relates to your registration as a new player at Casino Winner is 10 euros. The promotion in which the registration bonus is provided does not have a continuous character and of course you can only use it once as a new member. 10 euros free to sign up as a member is a great gift, because this is about free money that you get awarded by just signing up.

You do not have any further obligations than to register. If you have never used this offer and have not previously had an account with the Toto, then it is certainly advisable to take advantage of the highest registration bonus. Always check whether this action is also current, because changes can always occur. If the 10 euro free sign-up bonus is not available, you will of course immediately qualify for the higher welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus of Casino Winner

Whether or not you have used the registration bonus, you will always be eligible for a welcome bonus after signing up. This bonus offer is in fact a part of the bonus program, so you can not miss it. The welcome bonus is therefore continuously offered as a promotion for new players, but there is a difference with the registration bonus.

To receive the welcome bonus as a new player, it is the intention that you deposit money on your player account. Your first deposit ensures that you get a lot of extra money to gamble. The deposit is increased by 100 percent bonus money, where the maximum amount of 100 euros.

The welcome bonus is offered once, but it is not the case that as a player you can never profit from other casino bonuses. Casino Winner is just known for giving out many bonuses and free spins. Moreover, you are also surprised every month with a special action, such as Monopoly weeks in the live casino.

The highest registration bonus in combination with the welcome bonus and the full promotion program of Casino Winner make this online casino very popular. You too can take full advantage of all the offers that this casino presents. By registering now as a new player. Or first get acquainted for free with all the fun slots and other casino games in the online casino.

You can now also bet on sports in the Kroon casino sportbook. Casino Winner is working hard to serve as many gambling gambling enthusiasts as possible. The casino is constantly expanding the range of games of chance. It is now possible to gamble in the online casino, live casino and mobile casino and recently salon has been opened privately in the live section to give players the best live gambling experience. A separate section has now been added to the gambling offer, namely the sport betting section. From 8 June in Casino Winner it is also possible to bet on sports.

Sport betting
With the addition of sports betting, Casino Winner is increasingly becoming an all-round casino where everyone can play the most diverse games of chance. Sport betting is one of the popular games of chance, where betting is possible at the most diverse sporting competitions.
Not only national competitions are presented to make a bet or to conclude, because sportsbook has an international character, so that it is also possible to look beyond the limits of which matches are interesting to bet on. Casino Winner is thus well positioned in the market and competes with other established names that have included sportsbook in the game range alongside online casinos and live casinos.

Live stream
Casino Winner invites everyone to get acquainted with the possibility to bet on sports, where bets become available for every game. In order to find the perfect bet, Casino Winner offers the possibility to follow the live stream to follow the favorite sport closely.
In addition to sports betting, Casino Winner will also regularly offer free bets as well as special offers. The possibility will also be offered to benefit from improved odds on combination bets. Live betting is one of the options that will be part of the bets that can be made in Casino Winner.

Players who prefer gambling in an online casino and occasionally want to use the opportunity to bet on sports can now register at Casino Winner to open an account there. The best of the best in gambling and later also in the field of sports betting can be found in Casino Winner. An all-round casino where the most diverse games of chance are offered and where you always benefit from promotions and promotions. That is the Casino Winner. Take the test to the sum and sign up to discover whether this casino really has everything you need.
You will receive a welcome bonus for this. Also keep an eye on the launch of sportsbook, because that is undoubtedly accompanied by a splashing action. Every month the promotion program of Casino Winner is filled with nice promotions in the form of bonuses, free spins and of course there will also be the promotions that are offered around sports betting.

€ 200, – free gambling with a deposit is of course the most Trustly opportunity for everyone to gamble in an online casino. It is possible to use the possibility in several ways to get a casino bonus. This is possible for new players who sign up as well as for members who have been registered as members for a short or longer period and who have a player account. Incidentally, a free bonus without deposit is also called a no deposit bonus and it comes in several variants.

Free casino bonus with deposit for registration

There are now more and more casinos that introduce new players to all facets of online gambling in the casino in a non-committal way. The most non-committal way that can be found for this is to offer a casino bonus without deposit. It is often possible to gamble for free on the casino games, such as slot machines and voetbalwedden, but that does not give the gaming experience as real money gambling.

The free casino bonus on deposit is then offered by the online casino to players who want to sign up. The registration only consists of registering the person and activating a player account that is linked to the person in question. That’s enough to get free bonus money and play on slot machines or, for example, betting money on blackjack, baccarat or roulette. It is bonus money that can not be paid out before it is unlocked.

However, it is money that can eventually come into the possession of the player once the game conditions have been met. That also makes it attractive to qualify for a free casino bonus without depositing. There are no further obligations for the player, but the player can benefit from the advantage that real money can be won with online gambling.

Free casino bonus for members

There is also a free casino bonus without deposit for members active in the online casino. By being active is meant that in the short past once an amount has been transferred or money has been played. For this group of players, there are also more and more opportunities to take advantage of casino bonuses for free. The online casino can, for example, provide a bonus in the form of free spins at the launch of a new slot machine. For example, there may be all kinds of reasons to give loyal members of a casino a free bonus.

For all free casino bonuses without deposit, each casino can set different unique conditions for unlocking the bonus amount. New players and members can benefit from the opportunities that casinos have to offer. If you have been playing somewhere for a long time, you can, for example, use an offer for new players from another casino. Maybe you would like to gamble in another casino.

Playing for free at Casino Winner is a unique way to get to know this online casino in a completely non-committal way. Gambling without money is not only fun for those who do not know this casino yet, but for members with an account a way to find relaxation without the risk of losing money. To play in the online casino for free, you do not have to have an account. If you want to play in the live casino, it is necessary to register first as a member of the Casino Winner. You can also get acquainted with the live casino games for free.

Free gambling with money
It is always nice to play gambling free of charge, but the disadvantage is that you can not win any money. There are, however, opportunities to play for free, but with money. The money is then given as bonus money, but by fulfilling the conditions for unlocking, the play money can eventually be converted into real money. That is of course an option that you have to use, because if there is free money offered for gambling, why would you leave it. At the Casino Winner it is possible to play for free with real money and in different ways.

The casino regularly offers the opportunity to new subscribers to get acquainted with the game offer free of charge with 10 euros of free play money. This is an offer that only applies to new members and is a so-called no deposit bonus. This means that no deposit is required to receive the play money on your player account. Then there is another possibility to gamble free, because you can get a welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus for new subscribers
Everyone who registers at the Casino Winner is eligible for a welcome bonus by default. This is a deposit bonus, which means that a deposit is required first. The welcome bonus is also provided exclusively to players who have not had a player account before and only on the first deposit that is made.

In addition to the welcome bonus, you can play for free at Casino Winner by using the promotion program. That is possible if you are a member and every month there are other casino bonuses available. For example, you can play for free if free spins are handed out for a particular slot machine and you can also take advantage of bonuses that are distributed on the occasion of a public holiday or other event.

Playing in the Casino Winner free of charge is, as mentioned, also possible in many ways and you decide whether you want to use the offers or whether you simply want to enjoy free gambling without the possibility to win money. One does not necessarily exclude the other, because you can both play free gambling with no option to win money or play for free with the possibility to win money at the Casino Winner.