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Live blackjack is seen as a new rage, but has been around for a long time in the world of online entertainment, especially in online casinos. The classic casino game that in the past was only reserved in the established casinos, is now not only found in the online casino, but also in the live casino. Online blackjack was there rather than live blackjack and nowadays the popularity of playing the card game live in the casino with real dealers has become unprecedented. It is not surprising that more and more online casinos use the opportunity to also offer live blackjack.

The automated version of blackjack has long been dominant in the world of online casinos. The playing cards had a realistic view, but the feeling of playing in a casino blackjack could not be matched by far. Playing blackjack at home on the computer is fun, but the gaming experience could not be compared to visiting a casino. With the advent of live casinos, however, this has changed. You can now have the ultimate experience as you experience when visiting a casino. Live blackjack makes that possible with a dealer that you can not only see but can also hear.

Access to live blackjack


If you are curious about live blackjack at the Toto it is very easy to take a look. You must have an account. Do not you have that? Then you open an account quickly. Within minutes you’ll be in the domain of the live casino and a completely new world opens up for you when it comes to live gambling. At that moment it is not even necessary to immediately participate in live blackjack, but of course that is possible if there is a spot at the table. In Casino Winner you have the choice of several gaming tables for this card game. The regular blackjack game can be played with a live dealer, but there is also an option for live blackjack common draw. So you also have the opportunity to play extreme blackjack or make the choice for the Toto VIP blackjack. You can check all the game tables to see how things work and then decide on your choice to go live for yourself. To play for money, you must ensure that money is on your balance sheet. If you have an account, it is immediately possible to deposit money. There you get the first time a reward for the casino welcome bonus from 100% to 200 euros and as a bonus also another 50 free spins. The casino bonus can also be used in the live casino, but pay attention to the bonus conditions to see what percentage counts for free play. In blackjack that is different than when gambling on slot machines.

Live blackjack dealer

Upon entering the live casino you will see the live gambling environment immediately after you have selected a gaming table, including the gaming table and the live dealer behind it. In addition, you will see a chat window that aims to communicate with other players at the gaming table and with the dealer for live blackjack. He sees what is said in the live chat and can respond to it himself orally. So there is interaction between everyone who is present at the gaming table. That makes live gambling so fun at the blackjack table. It is as if there is a bit of extra entertainment and you immediately notice that there is a completely different experience. The dealer has a role in live blackjack behind the console that is the same as in a real casino. The only thing is that you do not get the cards that the dealer shares, but see on the screen. For the rest, the dealer shares the cards and takes care of the progress of the game by sharing cards on the basis of the wishes of the players or not. If everyone is at the table, it is the dealer’s turn to make a choice. The choice can consist of taking a card or fitting. For the dealer, different rules apply for fitting or taking a card than for the players at the table. For example, the obligation to take another card under a certain number of points. That gives the player just a bit more chance to win. If it is clear what the dealer is doing and the cards are on the table, it is known who won. That can be the dealer who wins from everyone at the table. It is also possible that one player wins with live blackjack, but loses another player at the same table.

Play live blackjack 24/7
In Casino Winner the opportunity is offered to play live live blackjack 24/7. A distinction is made between the casino studio and the real casino. Both options are available in the live casino. The casino studio offers access to live blackjack 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the choice for the real casino is made, there are opening times and closing times. In that case the casino goes

New casino bonuses offer just a little bit more extra than you’re used to. For example, there are already many well-known bonuses that are provided by the casino and there is no novelty to that. For example, the well-known welcome bonus, where a percentage of the deposit amount is paid out as bonus money. In the area of ​​welcome bonuses, there is also that in the sense that nowadays free spins are often distributed by the casinos in addition to the bonus percentage. The internet casinos therefore always invent something new to keep attracting players and of course rewarding loyal members.

New casino bonuses in the form of free spins
These are offered in the form of free spins. That has already made its appearance some time ago when offering a welcome bonus as mentioned above. However, there are more and more variants of offering free spins.

Free spins are certainly a fixed part of the new bonus that has developed over time. For example, when introducing new slot machines. There is hardly any online casino left that, without paying attention to it, is taking up new slot machines. The launch of a new slot machine is rather used to also provide new casino bonuses, such as free spins. These are nice bonuses because nothing needs to be done. The only requirement is often that one has been an active member in the previous period and has once played for money or deposited money. However, the conditions vary for this.

Bonuses with game element
Nowadays, new casino bonuses with a game element are also offered and then there will first be a battle to win a bonus prize from the online casino. An example of such a bonus is that one day on a specially selected slot machine must be played.

The betting of the game that all members of the casino can participate in varies. It may be that as many spins as possible have to be achieved or that the highest score has to be determined on the basis of an established successive number of rounds. The bonus prize that is then linked to it can vary from a bonus money amount to a certain amount of free spins for the slot machine that was the bet of the match.

Bonus for registration
The new bonus bonuses can also include the free bonus money that is provided for a new registration. Unlike the welcome bonus, this new casino bonus does not require that money be deposited into the casino account first. The bonus money is provided free of charge to the person who has registered as a new member. After that, a player can still qualify for the welcome bonus if money is transferred to start gambling. There are at least a large number of new casino bonuses that everyone can benefit from.

This Casino Winner 10 euro free promotion was so great that everyone had to be informed. Those who do not yet have an account in this online casino could immediately pick up 10 euros for free. That money can be spent in the online casino or in the live casino. There are now live croupiers behind the gaming tables. De Toto thinks that everyone can come and play in the nicest casino and therefore you also invited you to receive a free 10 euro bonus. This great de Toto promotion has now been converted to a € 200 bonus. There are no hooks and eyes attached, because you get the 200 euro casino bonus as a gift. So go directly to free gambling or play with the free bonus after deposit.


So install yourself on the couch and register with Casino Winner to receive the gift. View the huge range of casino games in the online casino or visit the real casino by going to the live casino, where you can not only play blackjack or roulette, but where the game punto banco is available. With that you could get acquainted with the 10 euros that you receive for free and for nothing. You play immediately after registration via your browser and therefore do not need to download any software. If you do not like it, there is no obligation to continue playing and if you like it, there is no obligation.


In the latter case you can then decide to deposit money yourself. That will also be appreciated by Casino Winner, because then you will receive a deposit bonus as a welcome gift. The fact that you can win large amounts at the Casino Winner is always an extra incentive to start gambling with a progressive jackpot. There are several slot machines, where you can even become millionaire with great luck. Take a look at the slot machines Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods and you will see that the millions are waiting for you. Take advantage of Casino Winner promotion and use that 200 euro bonus to win a lot of money. Kroon casino 10 euro for free, check here if the action is live again.

You also want to receive 200 euros for free? Then go to Casino Winner where 200 euros is waiting for you. The online casino and the live casino are extremely popular and Casino Winner wants everyone to be able to get acquainted with it. That is also a reason to give 200 euro bonus to new depositors. This allows you to gamble in the casino, where you only have to leave your data to be registered as a player. Also you do not have to download anything, because you can immediately start gambling in the casino after your registration. So go play with the free bonus for real money, on top of your deposit.

Not availible at this time waiting for licence. Our alternative:

Play at home from your lazy chair at the Casino Winner at the best online casino games. Play online roulette or take a gamble with online blackjack. Do not get bored, try punto banco or caribbean stud poker. These games are also available in the offer and then the video slots are not even mentioned. For example, play on the slots with a gigantic high jackpot that can run up to millions of euros, such as on the slot machine Mega Fortune and on the slot machine Hall of Gods. Or try one of the other fun slots, like Geisha Wonders, Tiki Wonders or Icy Wonders where the same jackpots are connected. If you prefer to play on a classic slot machine, you can play on the classics like Mega Joker and Gold Rush.

But first pick up that 200 euro in the Casino Winner and then make the choice for gambling at one of the fantastic casino games. At the moment there are a number of jackpots with a million value ready at the slot machines Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune. Do not let this opportunity lie, because the money is really free. If you decide to transfer money yourself, then more free money will be waiting. Then you get a welcome bonus. Do not forget to also visit the live casino of the Casino Winner to experience a spectacular casino experience.

The free bonus that players could receive upon registration was only made available if a bonus code was used. Anyone who wanted to register as a player via this website and wanted to receive the free play money without a deposit requirement could use the code ‘casino10’. It was an exclusive offer and is not covered by the welcome bonus, which also was still valid at the time that a first deposit was made. During the registration process the bonus code could be filled in and the player could get acquainted with the complete game offer for free. Now you will receive 200 euro bonus after your first deposit!

General information

Those who sign up as new players can count on an extensive and very diverse range of games, mobile and live. With the offering of the game range, top providers such as Netent are used. In the live casino there are several casino games available with a wide choice of gaming tables. The mobile casino can also be gambled live with English-speaking dealers. Anyone who wants to gamble on the mobile site automatically gets access to the mobile casino via the tablet or smartphone.

In this online casino there is a high degree of security, reliability and honesty regarding the privacy, financial transactions and randomness of the outcome of the games. You can play directly without first having to install software on the computer. All operating systems are suitable for this as are all browsers.

All games come from a casino software provider and are subject to testing to ensure the randomness of the outcome of games. A license has been obtained from the authorities in Malta for the provision of all games of chance. This casino where many EU players like to play, is committed to building a long-term relationship. In addition, safety, reliability and fair play obviously play a major role. The randomness of the outcome of games is guaranteed because there is a random number generator. It is therefore not possible to manipulate a casino game in any way whatsoever.

Because use is made of the offer of multiple providers that develop casino software, players can regularly get acquainted with new casino games. In this way, the diversity and growth of the game offer is always guaranteed.

Live gambling

Live gambling is made possible using the software of two different suppliers, namely Netent and Evolutiongaming. These providers are known for the high quality of the games and the game environment. There are several gaming tables available with a live dealer, but players can also gamble at tables where the dealer speaks English for example. It is possible to chat with other players and with the dealer himself, because for that a special chat option is available. The chat is displayed in a window next to the live casino game. Players who are in an even more luxurious and more stylish