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The Casino Winner bonus is €200 = €200 for free!

The Casino Winner bonus is €200 and it is only available to new players. This is a one-time welcome bonus that is now live in the bonus programme. Casino Winner has introduced a new bonus programme for its players. In addition to the new bonus system, the conditions that apply to the Casino Winner bonus have also been updated. This bonus is only available for players in the EU. Players from other countries are not eligible for this bonus.

Not availible at this time waiting for licence. Our alternative:

Bonus programme

Loyal players can take part in an appealing bonus programme. Regular players in this online casino can always take advantage of any ongoing bonus offers. This new system is interesting and beneficial to these players.


The online casino distinguishes between two types of bonuses: the cash bonus and the sticky bonus.

Cash Bonus

A player can use and earn a cash bonus with all games except roulette games and its variants. The bonus cannot be used to play roulette in the live casino, although you can use it for the live blackjack and baccarat games.

This bonus cannot be activated until the player has made a deposit. The deposited amount will then be multiplied by the bonus percentage. This percentage is always known in advance. Before 1 January 2012, it was possible to cancel a deposit and still retain the cash bonus. That is no longer possible. A deposit bonus will only be awarded once the deposited amount has actually been transferred into the player account.

The casino gives a player a welcome bonus when they first deposit money into their account. Another example of a cash bonus is the Thank God It’s Friday bonus, which is available on a monthly basis. The Casino Winner’s cash bonus is unique, because it can also be used in the live casino to play live games of blackjack or baccarat.


  • Can be used for all games.
  • Can be earned in all games except roulette and its variants.
  • Each cash bonus may be subject to different conditions that have to be met in order to earn the bonus. These conditions are clearly listed.
  • If multiple casino bonuses are available, a player can only activate a single bonus per day.
  • Any winnings can be paid out immediately. The money will not be held until certain conditions have been met.
  • If a player chooses to receive a payout before earning a bonus, the bonus will lapse.
  • If the bonus is tied to a deposit, a player will first have to make a deposit before they can activate the cash bonus.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is a bonus offered by Casino Winner. It is intended for new players who have not previously had a player account. The casino will double their first deposit and give a maximum of 100 euro as bonus money.

If you are a new player and make your first deposit of 100 euro, you will receive 100 euro of extra credit to play with. The total sum in your account will then be 200 euro, which you can use to play all games except roulette and its variants.

The welcome bonus will have to be earned during a ninety-day period by betting the amount of extra credit at least fifteen times. Once the bonus has been earned, it will be turned into real money and the player can then choose a payout of the full amount.

The player can consult their status at all times to see how many more times they will have to bet the amount to earn it. It is possible to request a payout at any time, although the bonus money will immediately lapse if the player has not yet earned the bonus when they request a payout.

Cash bonuses are not activated until a player makes a deposit. The welcome bonus is only available to new players. Below, you will find some examples of deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonus 100%

If the player deposits 25 euro and the deposit bonus is 100%, the player will receive another 25 euro of extra bonus credit, bringing their total balance to 50 euro. The player can use this money to play all games in the online casino and the live casino. If they submit a payout request before having earned the bonus, the amount of the bonus will be taken out of their account.

Deposit bonus 25%

If a player deposits 100 euro and the deposit bonus is 25%, the player will receive 25 euro of extra credit. In that case, their total balance will be 125 euro. Once again, this bonus can be used to play any game and it will lapse if a player requests a payout before having earned the bonus.

Sticky bonus

The casino also offers its players a sticky bonus. The sticky bonus is only available for players who have made a deposit into their Casino Winner account at some point during the last six months.

The sticky bonus can only be activated in the online casino and it can only be used there as well. The sticky bonus will be held in the flash casino until the player has earned the bonus. An active sticky bonus will always be listed in the player’s status overview.


  • The sticky bonus is only available in the flash casino.
  • It can only be earned in the flash casino on the video slot machines, the slot machines and the other games, with the exception of the various table games.
  • If a player earns a profit, it is marked as bonus money. Profits can therefore only be paid out once a player has earned their bonus.
  • Different conditions may apply to each active sticky bonus. These conditions are always announced beforehand.
  • A player must have deposited money into their account at some point during the last six months to receive the sticky bonus.
  • In general, the player will have thirty days to earn their bonus.
  • The bonus will not lapse if a player requests a payout, although it will be held in the flash casino.
  • The bonus will be listed as part of the player’s credit. If the player has money left in their account, this money will be used up first. The bonus will only be used if the account does not have any real money left in it.


One of the best-known examples is the bonus that is awarded after exchanging player points. The free spins promotion can also be classified as such.

Who is eligible?

New players are eligible to receive a welcome bonus. The programme is also available to loyal players. Players will regularly be invited to take part in special promotions and other offers. Players who have made a deposit into their account at Casino Winner in the past six months will receive additional bonuses.


If a player does not wish to receive a bonus, they can inform Casino Winner’s customer service department. At the player’s request, a customer service representative will mark the player as exempt from receiving bonuses.

If Casino Winner finds out that players only visit the online casino to receive bonuses, Casino Winner reserves the right to ban said players from future participation in the bonus programme.

Earning a bonus

A bonus will have to be wagered a set number of times before the extra credit is earned. The welcome bonus, for example, will have to be wagered fifteen times in total before the credit is turned into real money. For other types of bonuses, the number of times that the bonus amount has to be wagered will be listed. Once a bonus has been earned, the player can request a payout of the bonus money.

How can you see whether a bonus has been earned yet?

A player who has logged in to their account can check their player status to see an overview of various statistics, e.g. their current credit, any pending payouts and any available bonuses. Behind each bonus, it will be listed how many more times the bonus has to be wagered before it is earned. While playing, a player can return to their player status overview to check their current status at any time. The most recent status will be displayed once a player refreshes the page.

Player status

The player status overview will list several amounts. After making a deposit, this amount will be added to their available credit. If there is a cash bonus, this money will automatically be added to their credit. If a player deposits 100 euro and they are eligible to receive a 100 euro cash bonus, the player status will list an available credit of 200 euro. The sticky bonus is an extra bonus, which is not added to the player’s credit. If a payout request has been submitted, the amount will be listed under “payout” and it will be deducted from the player’s available credit.