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General Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Whenever the general terms and conditions and the disclaimer – the contents of which are outlined below – use the term “owner,” this refers to the owner of the website. All possible actions pertain to the use of this website and you are called a “visitor” or “user”. Whenever the contents of the website Krooncasino.cc are references, this refers to all of this website’s content.

The information below pertains to this website. By viewing this page and by using the website, you automatically accept the general terms and conditions and the disclaimer. We have compiled the contents of the website Krooncasino.cc with the utmost care and attention. The owner will accept no liability for any missing or inaccurate information, nor for any consequences for which you, the user, are responsible.

The owner is also not responsible for content on this website that is linked to websites to which there is a referral, such as Casino Winner. It is not allowed to abuse this website, nor is it allowed to share any of this website’s content with third parties or use it in any other way. Violation of intellectual rights is explicitly prohibited. Permission is required for the use of any of this website’s content. This permission must be requested and then received in writing.

Internet Gaming

Taking part in online gaming activities is your own responsibility. The Gaming Act states that only licensed providers may offer online gambling activities. When you visit a different website via the website Krooncasino.cc, different terms and conditions will apply to that website. If, for example, you visit Casino Winner via a link or banner, you are possibly dealing with a foreign website and any consequences will not be covered by English legislation.

If you are a citizen of Malta and earn a profit with your gambling activities, you will have to pay gaming duties over any amount above the duty-free maximum of 449 euro. You are responsible for reporting these earnings to the Tax Authority. The gaming duties you have to pay amount to 29 percent of your earnings.

When you visit a website that does not have a licence to offer online gaming activities, you cannot rely on any guarantees pertaining to quality, oversight, fairness or security. It is therefore recommended to check several important aspects of any website you visit, such as the presence of a licence for online gaming activities. The website should also have certificates to demonstrate its compliance with security and reliability requirements. Most reputable websites have a policy in place for gambling addiction that encourages players to be responsible about their online gaming activities. We cannot be held responsible for any information listed on third-party websites.

Gaming Act

The current Gaming Act entered into force in 1964. These laws have not yet been updated to account for our modern times and online gaming activities, although this expected to change before long. Once the expected Remote Gaming Act enters into force, there will be additional legislation pertaining to responsible, fair and safe gambling for players in Malta. For now, the old laws still apply. That means you have to resort to foreign providers of online gaming activities if you want to play online. In Malta, gaming providers are not yet allowed to offer online casino games.

The Gaming Authority is responsible for enforcing the English Gaming Act. It is therefore not the responsibility of Krooncasino.cc to monitor the various providers of gaming activities and we will accept no responsibility or liability in this regard. The Gaming Authority has the authority to take action when gaming providers break the law. Foreign casino websites, for example, cannot provide the information on their website in English and they cannot use a .nl domain name to target players in Malta. Sanctions, such as fines, may be imposed in case of any violations of these regulations. As a player, it is your own responsibility to look out for such potentially malignant websites.


You can find extensive information about Casino Winner including details about our various casino games, general information and the latest news updates at Krooncasino.cc. We do provide our information in English, so all English players can easily access this information. We use advertisements and links on our website that may include cookies. You can visit Casino Winner via this website and we have no influence whatsoever on the contents of the websites we link to. It is therefore recommended to read the terms and conditions of any other websites you visit. We cannot be held responsible or liable for information released by third parties.

We accept no responsibility pertaining to any direct or indirect damage that may occur as a result of information provided by us or any third parties. We do not offer any guarantees regarding the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the contents of this website. It goes without saying that we do everything we can to make sure said information is up to date, complete and correct. No rights can be derived from a visit to this website. If you find any information that is incomplete or incorrect, please let us know by contacting Krooncasino.cc

Playing Responsibly

Gambling addiction must be prevented at all costs and we therefore recommend you play responsibly at all times. Gambling responsibly in an online casino is important to prevent any gambling-related problems from occurring. It is important to set a budget for yourself and avoid using money that you need for other purposes. You can set a spending limit for yourself. We would also recommend you keep track of what you spend on online gaming activities. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you do not engage in online gaming activities when you are under the influence, fatigued or suffering from depression. If your gambling has created problems for you despite the aforementioned recommendations, be sure to seek help as soon as possible. It is never too late to go to a professional organisation for help with your gambling addiction or other gambling-related problems.