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Mystery Cash Drop

There is a Mystery Cash Drop promotion in progress at Casino Winner with a chance to win prizes. The prizes all consist of cash prizes, so no round-playing conditions apply. That makes it extra interesting to take part in this promotion. There is still a chance for a few days. On 17 February this fun action ends with a top prize of 1,000 euros. A number of special slots have been selected for the Mystery Cash Drop promotion. The intention is to play on it to compete for one of the many prizes. In addition to the main prize, which is also distributed twice, there are many more cash prizes for the participants.

Mystery Cash Drop slot machines

The slots chosen for the Mystery Cash Drop promotion each have a different theme. So it is possible to play on Fire Joker. Or on Gemix and Book of Dead. There are already three to bet on first. In addition, it is also possible to use money on Mystery Joker or gamble at Wild Falls. You do not have to sign up specifically for this promotion to compete for the prizes. By playing on one of the mentioned slot machines there is automatic participation in the Mystery Cash Drop promotion. It is also interesting that everyone has an equal chance.

The cash drop prices come into view at random moments. That is why the action is also called Mystery Cash Drop. So if you are gambling on for example Gemix it can be that you are in the prizes. Or not. Are you gambling for a while and nothing happens? Maybe it would be wise to try it on one of the other slot machines. During every turn, there is a chance that there will be a prize. The Mystery prizes are incidentally only if you play for at least 0.20 on one of the mentioned slots.


2 x a cash prize of 1,000 euros

Casino Winner issues a cash prize of no less than 1,000 euros twice. That is more than enough reason to gamble on one of the slot machines. Even if you do not immediately win the main prize, there are opportunities for other prizes. Casino Winner has a total of 45 prizes available for the participating players. For example, there are twenty-five prizes of 20 euros that just fall from the sky. In addition, there are twenty prices of 50 euros that appear at any given time. That is not all, because there will also be three times 500 euros. The cash drop takes place entirely randomly, as said. If you do not see a cash drop price while playing, then there is still a chance of winning. You are of course gambling on a slot machine. That means you always have a chance at Casino Winner to win money. The cashdrop action is fun because you have an extra chance.