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Mystery Prize Drop action at Casino Winner

There is a Mystery Prize Drop promotion available at Casino Winner. This promotion means that everyone can win prizes at any time. It is then the intention to play slots on the selected Mystery Prize Drop. Only then is it possible to win one of the prizes. Special prizes are available in addition to the cash prizes that are awarded. The special prizes consist of particularly nice gadgets that always come in handy. The campaign only runs for a few days and it is therefore the intention to be there quickly. This offers the most chances to win prizes during the drop promotion.

Mystery Prize Drop slot machines

For this special promotion, three slot machines have been selected for gambling. Free play is of course excluded for participation in the promotion. So you have to use your own money. If you do not have any money on the balance, you first make a deposit. Incidentally, the conditions for participation are not strict and everyone can invest money at their own discretion. If the bet is at least only 0.20 euro per spin on one of the selected slot machines. That is sufficient for participation, but if you like to gamble with a little more money, that is also allowed. Every spin of 0.20 euros or more offers the opportunity to grab a prize at any time. The Mystery Prize Drop action is played on Mystery Joker, Gemix and Book of Dead. You have the choice to only gamble on Gemix or to always bet money on Book of Dead or on Mystery Joker. It is also allowed to alternate with gambling on one of these three fun slot machines. Then of course it is still nice to know what prices are then distributed. If you participate, you also want to know what can be won.

What can you win?

At different times, different types of prizes are awarded. This gives you the opportunity to win a Google Chromecast Ultra – 4K Media Streamer. There are ten of them in the game, so there are ten players who win this prize. You also have the chance to win a Polar M400 HR Sport Watch with a heart beat sensor. This price also goes out ten times in total. This also applies to the next price. That is a Bose SoundSport Wirelss Ear Plugs set. Do you prefer to fall into cash prizes? They are also there and fall just like the gadget prices at an arbitrary moment. In total, six prizes will be awarded out of 1,000 euros. These are cash prizes and if you win, you can immediately have the amount paid by submitting a payment request to Casino Winner. Good luck with your participation in this fun Mystery Prize Drop promotion. You just fall into the prizes at an unguarded moment when you are gambling.