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New Casino Bonus

New casino bonuses offer just a little bit more extra than you’re used to. For example, there are already many well-known bonuses that are provided by the casino and there is no novelty to that. For example, the well-known welcome bonus, where a percentage of the deposit amount is paid out as bonus money. In the area of ​​welcome bonuses, there is also that in the sense that nowadays free spins are often distributed by the casinos in addition to the bonus percentage. The internet casinos therefore always invent something new to keep attracting players and of course rewarding loyal members.

New casino bonuses in the form of free spins
These are offered in the form of free spins. That has already made its appearance some time ago when offering a welcome bonus as mentioned above. However, there are more and more variants of offering free spins.

Free spins are certainly a fixed part of the new bonus that has developed over time. For example, when introducing new slot machines. There is hardly any online casino left that, without paying attention to it, is taking up new slot machines. The launch of a new slot machine is rather used to also provide new casino bonuses, such as free spins. These are nice bonuses because nothing needs to be done. The only requirement is often that one has been an active member in the previous period and has once played for money or deposited money. However, the conditions vary for this.

Bonuses with game element
Nowadays, new casino bonuses with a game element are also offered and then there will first be a battle to win a bonus prize from the online casino. An example of such a bonus is that one day on a specially selected slot machine must be played.

The betting of the game that all members of the casino can participate in varies. It may be that as many spins as possible have to be achieved or that the highest score has to be determined on the basis of an established successive number of rounds. The bonus prize that is then linked to it can vary from a bonus money amount to a certain amount of free spins for the slot machine that was the bet of the match.

Bonus for registration
The new bonus bonuses can also include the free bonus money that is provided for a new registration. Unlike the welcome bonus, this new casino bonus does not require that money be deposited into the casino account first. The bonus money is provided free of charge to the person who has registered as a new member. After that, a player can still qualify for the welcome bonus if money is transferred to start gambling. There are at least a large number of new casino bonuses that everyone can benefit from.