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Play for free

At Casino Winner, everyone is welcome to play, regardless of whether you have a small budget, play with high stakes or prefer to play for free. There are always gamblers who are not in it for the money. Instead, they are simply looking for a relaxing time and they just want to play for free. Casino Winner lets them do that and try out the various slot machines, as well as the games of roulette and blackjack, entirely without risk.

Play for free

Playing for free is very easy. All you have to do is go the Casino Winner website and pick your favourite game. You can also open an account to play free games in the live casino. When you open an account, there are no further obligations. Signing up is free. When you choose to play for free, you are basically playing in the fun mode, so you cannot have any of your winnings paid out. This mode is purely intended to have some fun or try out a new game.

Fun modes

The fun mode is perfect for players who enjoy the gambling itself and who are not necessarily interested in winning huge sums of money. You might think that it is more fun to win real money, but you must remember that there is always an inherent risk whenever you gamble. If you do not have any money (left) to spend on online gaming activities, yet you do enjoy playing in an online casino, the option to play for free in the fun mode is perfect for you.

In the fun mode, you play with free money and therefore cannot earn any winnings. This is relaxing, of course, but it is also the Trustly way to discover all the ins and outs of a casino game. If you enjoy playing for free, Casino Winner lets you open an account without any further obligations or costs.