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Privacy statement

Sensitive personal information is collected via this website. In concrete terms, that means this website processes personal information. We devote the utmost care and attention to responsibly handling and protecting all sensitive personal information from our visitors.

When it comes to the way in which we use personal information, we act in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. This privacy statement is intended to offer you, the visitor and user of this website, information about the way in which we collect and process sensitive personal information.

Using personal information

When you use one of the services available on this website, you leave behind certain information. This may be personal information. Our policy is to only store and use personal information which you deliberately entered while being aware of the fact that this data would be processed. The privacy statement applies to private persons, not to businesses. We mostly collect personal information such as names, addresses and email addresses.

You can stay up to date on the latest developments and news updates pertaining to Casino Winner via a newsletter. At your request, your email address will be added to the list of subscribers. It is possible to opt out of this newsletter at any time by clicking the link in one of these messages. When you fill out a contact form on the website or send an email that we receive, we will only store your personal information during the time we need to answer your question or resolve your problem. We may contact you via email for commercial purposes. You are able to opt out of any form of communication that we send you. We may also collect your location data, although we will immediately and explicitly ask for permission before doing so.


If you register for a service on this website, we will store your username and personal information. This makes it easier for you to return to our website, since you do not have to enter this information again. We will not provide any sensitive information linked to your username to third parties, unless we are legally obligated to do so. We may release your personal information to authorised parties in the event of (suspected) fraud or misuse of this website. You will have to enter your name, address and email address if you wish to register for a player account.

Providing information

We show advertisements on our website, but these do not collect any personal information. We will not release your information to any third parties. When you click a social media button on our website, the administrators of the social media channels in question may collect your personal information.

Security measures

We have implemented security measures on this website to prevent misuse and unauthorised access of personal information. We track a range of statistics, but all data is anonymised beforehand.

This privacy statement does not apply to the website of Casino Winner or the websites of other parties to which we are connected via links. We therefore cannot offer any guarantees pertaining to the way Casino Winner handles and processes personal information. This online casino has its own privacy policy. You can read its privacy statement on the website in question.


We reserve the right to change the contents of this privacy statement at any time. To stay up to date on the contents of this privacy statement, we would advise you to regularly consult the privacy statement when you visit our website, so you can determine whether any changes have been made. You can always contact us if you have any questions about this privacy statement.

Is it true that I can only play in Casino Winner when I am 18 or over?

Yes, only players of 18 or over are allowed to play in Casino Winner. If you are younger than 18 and open an account, this account will be deactivated. Casino Winner may also take steps as a result of your fraudulent behaviour.

Why do I have to provide personal information?

From a security standpoint, it is necessary to provide personal information when you open an account in Casino Winner. The online casino is required to possess the personal information of all of its players, so any abuse of this information can be prevented. Furthermore, this personal information is also used to determine whether a player has reached the minimum legal age of 18.

Is my information secure?

Casino Winner protects all your personal information carefully and you do not have to worry about your privacy. The casino will never sell or release any information to third parties.

Must I provide a copy of my credit card?

If you want to deposit money into your account with a credit card, Casino Winner will need a copy of your ID and a copy of both sides of your credit card. This is necessary to prevent credit card fraud.

Are my banking details verified?

If you are lucky enough to win a jackpot or another significant sum of money, Casino Winner will verify your information, e.g. your banking information and your address. This procedure applies to all amounts over 2,300 euro for which a payout request has been submitted by the winner.

Must I permit cookies?

Casino Winner uses cookies to differentiate between players who have logged into their account and those who have not.