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It is important that anyone who decides to engage in online gaming activities in an online casino such as Casino Winner verifies the reliability of the casino. The reliability of an online casino is not always obvious when you visit the casino’s website. Fraud is still a common occurrence, so it is recommended to take the time to check whether the casino of your choice is reliable. In our own experience and that of the countless players who have played here – or still do – Casino Winner is definitely a reliable and secure casino. You can safely open an account here and enjoy fair online gaming activities.


In all regards, our experience with this online casino is great. It has been a long time since we first evaluated this online casino in practice. That was not the only time we did so, however, because we keep coming back again and again. Developments take place over time and that is why it is important to us to keep our evaluation up to date based on our own experiences, for instance. We consider Casino Winner to be one of the best online casinos available. We regularly hear from other players about how wonderful it is to play in this online casino.

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Reliable licensed casino

You will never be a victim of fraud at Casino Winner, because this online casino is closely monitored by the Maltese gaming authorities which issued its licence for the promotion of online gaming activities. Furthermore, the casino is currently part of Betsson, a large organisation that took over Casino Winner in 2014. At the time of this takeover, it was believed that the market for online gaming activities would be legalised soon. Until that time, Casino Winner’s reliability, safety and fairness are guaranteed by the licence issued by the Maltese gaming authorities.

Gaming experiences

An online casino cannot be given a proper rating if none of the games were actually played. In any case, it is useful to know which games are available in this online casino. Casino Winner offers players plenty of choices. Popular games include roulette and blackjack, although most players tend to flock towards the slot machines. Consequently, Casino Winner offers a nearly overwhelming selection of slot machines to choose from.

When you first visit an online casino and look at the selection of slot machines, you might be scared off by the many available options. There is no need to be daunted, however, because it will soon become clear why there are so many different slot machines. This is due to the fact that this online casino offers casino software from several providers. It would be incorrect to assume that all these slot machines are the same, because they do in fact offer a wide variety of different gaming experiences.

In our experience, it is very easy to find the casino games you enjoy the most. The games are divided into clear categories. If you, for example, enjoy live gambling, it will immediately be clear where you need to go to engage in this particular gaming activity. Casino Winner’s mobile casino offers players even more options to gamble, because they are not restricted to their PCs or laptops. More and more games are also becoming available in the mobile casino. Of course, everyone’s experience in this casino will be different. Nevertheless, every player is sure to enjoy the quality and quantity of the games on offer.

Reliable bonuses

The fact that Casino Winner is reliable in other ways as well is demonstrated by the reliable bonuses that it offers. This online casino not only promises players free money, but it actually pays out this money once the specific conditions have been met. The applicable bonus conditions are transparent and the casino is certainly reliable when it comes to awarding the bonuses. These days, the welcome bonus I received in the past has been replaced by an even better offer and once you join this casino, you can benefit from a wide variety of other bonuses.

Customer service desk

If you have a question, you can start by consulting the list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if it contains the answer you seek. If this is not the case, the customer service desk will be there to assist you. The same goes if you have a problem of any kind. In our experience, using the live chat feature is the quickest way to have your questions answered. If you are in less of a hurry, you can also send an email to Casino Winner’s customer service desk or give them a call. The number of Casino Winner’s customer service department is listed on its website.

Free account

There are no hidden conditions when it comes to opening a free account at Casino Winner. There are no obligations, even after opening an account. If you do not want to deposit money into your account immediately, you are not required to do so – although you will be amply rewarded with a generous welcome bonus if you do. There are various payment methods you can use to transfer money to your player account. The Neteller method is widely known to be reliable and secure, as are payments made with a credit card. Casino Winner is all about reliability, fairness and security. You do not have to worry about fraud or unfair gaming practices when you visit this online casino.


Any first-time player in an online casino will probably wonder whether it is reliable to play with real money online. It is good to ask yourself this question, because it helps you avoid unreliable casinos. In addition to the reliability of the casino, you should also consider its fairness and security.


An online casino must always have a valid licence for the promotion of online gaming activities. In order to acquire this licence, the casino will have to meet strict requirements and conditions. An online casino with a licence can therefore be viewed as reliable. Licensed casinos are also regularly subjected to inspections to ensure their continued compliance with the applicable regulations. This is another way in which an online casino’s reliability is monitored.

The LGA licence is a well-known licence issued by the Lottery and Gaming Authority. Online casinos with an LGA licence also do their best to prevent players from developing a gambling addiction. A player might, for instance, ask a casino to – temporarily or permanently – close their account. The casino’s website might also feature a section dedicated to the prevention of gambling addiction.

Randomness of the results

Fair play is guaranteed in an online casino when the results of the games are random. Online casinos therefore use random number generators to safeguard the randomness of the results of their games. This guarantees the games are fair, because the results cannot be manipulated in any way.

Privacy and payment information

With regards to the privacy of players, online casinos adopt strict policies that, for example, prevent any player information from being released to third parties for commercial reasons. Most casino websites will include a section at the bottom that contains information about how the casino safeguards its players’ privacy. Furthermore, players can securely deposit money into their account without fearing the theft of their payment details (such as a credit card number). All transactions of a financial nature take place via secure and encrypted connections.