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Rio Carnival Mission in Casino Winner

Join the Rio Carnival Mission in Casino Winner and win a trip to Rio de Janeiro for two people. This mission is the icing on the cake of the two previous missions in the online casino with which other prizes could be won. The Lantern Festival is now over and so is the Venice Carnival Mission. There is still a mission left and with that the real prize can be won. Who will be traveling to carnivalcity in the future? That is in any case someone who participates in the mission and not someone who does not participate. So take your chance and go all out to get that one main prize. Do you do your best, but can not it end up in first place? Then there are many other prizes, because the prize pool for this mission contains 35,000 euros.

Assignments for Rio Carnival Mission

It is of course useful to know what the Rio Carnival Mission exactly means if you want to participate. It actually very simple. There are three slot machines to which an assignment is linked. Casino Winner has selected Vikings Go Wild, Spina Colada and Vikings Go To Hell for this. At the Vikings Go Wild slot machine, the aim is to score 30 free spin symbols. The minimum bet to play and participate is set at 0.25 euros per spin. That also applies to the other two slot machines of this Rio Carnival Mission promotion.

If you have scored 30 free spin symbols, it is time to complete the next assignment. That is the collection of 3 feature icons on the slot machine Spina Colada. It is of course trustly if you manage to get it done as quickly as possible. Do you take a little longer? That is unfortunate, because the number of spins to fulfill the mission is of great importance. After completing the first two assignments, there is a final challenge. This assignment means that you must collect 100 free spin symbols on the Vikings Go To Hell slot machine. That is a bigger challenge, but that must certainly work.

Who will win the trip to Rio de Janeiro?

It is important to fulfill all assignments in as few spins as possible. Casino Winner will look at that to determine your place in the ranking. You also see the scores of other players in the rankings. Are there two or more players who have needed the same number of rounds? In that case, it counts that the player wins the first to complete the three Rio Carnival Missions. Every 60 seconds there is a refresh of the ranking. The main prize is a trip, but there are also big cash prizes to be won. For example, a price of 6,000 euros, 3,000 euros and 2,500 euros. The total number of prizes is even greater. In total there are three hundred prizes available for the best participants.

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