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Trustly payments

Trustly is a payment system that you see more and more at the checkout in the online casino. That is not for nothing. This payment method is growing rapidly. This has to do with ease and speed. Moreover, it is a rather anonymous way to pay money that is incidentally linked to your payment account. Our experience with this payment option is in any case excellent. Safety and reliability are guaranteed. The institution has the authority to act as an online payment platform in Europe. If you want to deposit money quickly and iDeal is not available then this is a great choice. Incidentally, even if iDeal is available. It works just as efficiently and quickly.

What exactly is Trustly?

Trustly is an online payment service that already exists since 2008. In recent years, however, this payment method is also strongly emerging at online casinos. The online payment platform is already available in 29 countries in Europe. It immediately eliminates various other payment systems in online casinos that are limited in size. For example, iDeal in Malta and Bancontact in Belgium. These payment methods are limited to the participating banks in the country itself. That is not the case with Trustly, because this platform works cross-border in Europe. In this way you deposit money from Malta as easily as from Belgium on your casino account. Your own bank account forms the starting point for this online payment method. The advantage is that you do not have to have an account. That is necessary with an electronic wallet like Skrill or Neteller.

European online payment platform

Trustly is a European online payment platform with a Swedish competence. The authority in Sweden supervises institutions offering payment services. So strict rules must be met to act as an online payment platform. The range of the payment system is already gigantic with 29 countries in Europe. That is also a reason that online casinos include this payment method. It is much easier to offer an international online platform than to do per country. Moreover, everyone has a bank account and no specific account is needed. Trustly is increasingly becoming an Trustly payment method for players in the online casino. Also because PayPal, for example, is not available everywhere. Furthermore, not everyone really just has a credit card and is not always easy to come by.

Reliability and safety

Trustly can be seen as a reliable and secure payment system. It is also a fast payment system. The online casino offers a secure connection if you use this. This is also a good thing. You also deposit directly from your bank account to your casino account. The depreciation is immediate and the credit is also.

Transfer money and have money paid out

If Trustly is in an online casino at the checkout, you choose this option. You do not have to leave the online casino to pay. There will be a pop-up window where you select the bank and enter the data. Safety also appears from the verification process that still follows. Gaining a profit via Trustly is also done through the cash register. It depends on the online casino how long it takes before it is in the bank account. Furthermore, the online payment platform itself does not charge for the use of the payment service. Whether an online casino does, depends on its own policy. In general, however, no transaction costs apply when making a deposit.