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Zeus 3 slot machine

The Zeus 3 slot machine is remarkable because it has six reels instead of the usual four or five reels. The six reels in this game do not all have the same number of rows; the first reel only has two symbols on it, while the second reel has three. Each consecutive reel has another extra symbol, so the sixth and final reel has the highest number of seven symbols. Because of this unique design, there is a total of 192 win lines.


Wild symbols

The design of this game and the way in which its reels and rows are set up distinguish it from other slot machines. There are similarities as well, though. For example, this game has wilds. There is a temple symbol that acts as a wild and which will always replace another symbol when it appears on one of the reels.

That means a player has a higher chance to win. There is also a special wild in the form of a Zeus symbol. This wild can fill an entire reel. These wilds always allow a player to achieve a winning combination with other images. On top of that, the Zeus 3 slot machine has other features as well.

Free spins

This slot machine gives players a chance to play a round with free spins, which happens when three scatters appear. A scatter symbol can be recognised by the hand holding a bolt of lightning. When three of these images appear, the player receives ten free spins. If four symbols appear, that number increases to twenty-five free spins.

When the player sees five scatter symbols, they will receive fifty free spins. A remarkable feature of this game is that the board will flip itself around when the free spin mode begins, so the first reel will suddenly have seven rows, while the second reel has six rows, etc.

Winning combinations can always be made from left to right. The winnings always depend on the symbols that make up the winning combination. Some symbols are worth more than others when they are part of a left-to-right combination on the six reels. It is obvious that the earnings will be higher if there are more than three symbols from reel one to reel four or five, for example.

Players can always choose to change the amount they want to bet before each spin. Depending on their budget, every player can decide how much they want to spend on the Zeus 3 slot machine in Casino Winner.